Dishonorable practices

My job hunting in recent times has been interesting. I note that despite writing to literally hundreds of law firms very few bother, it seems, to respond if they are not interested. What happened to common courtesy? When I used to conduct interviews for support staff I would respond to every applicant as a matter of course. These days people just don’t care. Is the recession really the excuse?

Two other things have frustrated me. As I mentioned the other day I went to two interviews last week. Both were great. I got a call back for on, which is next week. However the other, which was undoubtedly the best one, has not been in touch at all. The chap said he was going away for a few days so I emailed a follow-up on Monday. Since then not a squeak. Most bizarre. The guy was so enthusiastic, talking about business plans and what we could do. Yet the subsequent actions (or lack thereof) have been absolutely contradictory.

Another thing that pissed me off, was I emailed another firm a couple of days in advance to say I couldn’t make and interview and could I rearrange. Again, no damned response.

Finally, I had an interview today. They seemed uninterested before I even started to talk. Of course, as the meeting went on (for a rather short 30 mins), it slipped out that I was the last candidate and the had already decided who to call back. In other words, they had pretty much already chosen someone and they were just going through the motions with me. Why not just cancel the damn thing instead of wasting my time? At least the other interviews thus far have been constructive.

Oh well, we’ll see if anything comes of next week’s call back.

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