Job depression

Last Tuesday I went for two interviews. I though both went really well.

Well, so far I have not heard back from either, which really disappoints me. I emailed the first one, my favourite earlier today after the chap said he was going to be away last week. However, this far I have not heard anything back.

I’m feeling dejected. For over a year I have been trying to find a full-time salary….and the worst part is that I no longer have the enthusiasm I once did. So even to aquire a full time salary isn’t necessary going to get me a job I like and enjoy because there are so few jobs out there these days.

Worst part of it is the first interview was a for a job I would have been happy in. I feel so unhappy that nothing has come of it. The interview was so positive that I was convinced that something might come of it. That was the implication I got from the interviewer. In fact, the second interview went pretty well too. I was convinced that I would at least get call backs.

I have another interview for tomorrow, but it’s not a job I am too interested in. I feel like I am struggling to find the enthusiasm for it.

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