Being my own man

Is it wrong that I sit here today, on a Sunday morning, wondering about the pressures I have had in recent years?

I think one of the failures of my engagement was that I spent years being told who to be. Everyone was successful. The father-in-law, the brother-in-law. They were successful beyond average. They were in the top 1%, the former especially so.

Should it be wrong to feel frustrated that I had to be one of them? There was no window for progression.


I went from being in charge of my own career and my own destiny to spending nearly four years being told how I should be.  No. Not any more.

I don’t consider myself a fool and my gut feeling is that I will die a man of wealth, hopefully through success. Many people would call me a fool for thinking so. But my instincts have not let me down yet….just as much as my gut told me things were not right in my relationship, they also told me that I would one day be the person I was expected to be, The problem was the timing. I am not responsive to being told what I must be and when I must be it.

My problem is that I am too stubborn. But that it part of who I am. Perhaps it is a confidence issue, but it’s where, ironically, my only level of life confidence comes from. I know who I am and what I need to be. My only challenge is mapping out the path thereto.




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